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Payment & Reporting Structure

More than just another job..it’s a calling.


We want to understand our staff starting with knowing the wants, need, and goals of each and every single one of our employees and implorers. Capturing Every Great Moment of the 365 days of the year of us make the medical field stronger and brighter turning them all into great memorable times. Sparrow Healthcare Inc. desires to come together sharing all our love with not only staff but clients and supporters. Let us become a voice for the future medical field!

The Sparrow Health Difference

Sparrow Healthcare INC. is a healthcare staffing agency that is dedicated to our healthcare clients, medical staffing members and the well being of patients. SHCI will deliver distinct, first-rate and reputable premier healthcare services. Our mission is for clients and medical staff members to provide superior healthcare, incorporating lasting alliances with our clients, medical staffing members and the community to implement incomparable healthcare services.

Life does not depend on how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you

Marketing & Presence

Sparrow Healthcare has multiple media and advertisingoutlets that can help clients and medical healthcare members stay up-to- date with current jobs, availabilities and any specials we may be offering. Currently we use FB, IG, Twitter,

Snapchat, Indeed,

Dynamic Team Building

Sparrow Healthcare Inc. will work closely with clients and healthcare members to understand each persons needs. Also our team will keep clients and healthcare motivated so there will be no barriers or communication conflicts. At Sparrow Healthcare Inc. we will build deeper connections and a strong foundation of trust.

Strategy & Planning

Sparrow Healthcare Inc. will hold our medical healthcare members to the highest standards while receiving training and mini workshops. We will will set priorities, focus energy and resources to strength operations. We will also ensure clients and healthcare members to establish agreements which in turn gets the intended results to make healthcare great again.

Healthcare with a purpose

The vision is for us to be the promoter for successful medical staff resourcing in national markets but not only that international markets. We want to bring together medical staff and healthcare givers with maximum proficiency and safety for the provision of care to patients.

We Value YOU


Sparrow Healthcare Inc. pledge is to seek the maximum standards of beliefs, safety, and governance in meeting the essentials of our clients, candidates, supporters, and staff, with open and understandable communication, within all beliefs of equal opportunities and ecological responsibilities.